Fortune Minerals maintains a strong commitment to environmental protection and stewardship.

Fortune Minerals recognizes that pollution prevention, biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, wildlife and resource conservation are key to a sustainable environment, and will effectively integrate these concepts into our business decision-making.

The mining practices we will employ are designed to be minimally intrusive and our promise is to return the land as close to the state we found it as possible.

One example of our commitment is the proposed use of a constructed wetland treatment system as part of the closure and reclamation strategy for the NICO project. Fortune is working with Contango Strategies Limited who specializes in remediation using constructed wetlands that enhance the performance of natural, existing microbes for a sustainable treatment option. Essentially the strategy is to stimulate, natural existing environmental microbes to withdraw any metals from water seepage at our co-disposal facility. A pilot-scale passive treatment system was constructed to confirm the technology and provide information for selecting the most suitable series of treatment steps for subsequent piloting and optimization. This will be followed by a demonstration scale wetland before the permanent facilities are constructed.

Contago Strategies’ paper on the principles of passive water treatment

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